Random Comics

Hourly Comics (2011)

A couple fun comic strips done for Hourly Comic Day where the goal is to draw a comic for every hour of the day. I actually kind of had a busy day, so it was good for this exercise. You can see the first couple here and the rest of them here.


Hunger Games

A five page comic of the opening scenes of Hunger Games. The Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins and this is a completely unofficial fancomic. It is meant only as fan love to a really good book. Click here to read the comic.


Wolverine Goes Grocery Shopping (2009)

Back in mid-2009 Marvel Comics asked me to pitch them a Wolverine short comic, and this was what I came up with. Sadly, they didn’t bite, but I did get to do a 6 page Nextwave comic in their Girl Comics anthology. Anyway, people seem to really like this comic when I posted it online, so here it is for posterity.

The Coast Christmas Comic 2007

Published in Halifax’s indie newspaper, The Coast, during Christmas 2007. I was allowed to do pretty much anything, and came up with this ridiculous Zombies Callingshort comic. I think it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever done.

The Adventures of Ashley (Horny Little Fangirl)

I’m obsessed with Resident Evil 4, and like to do comics about Ahsley Graham, fangirl extraodinare. There are four of these: Comic 01 //Comic 02 // Comic 03 //Comic 04 //
BONUS:RE: Degeneration comic


Friends With Boys

A handful of comic strips based on my experiences in the male-dominated industries of animation and comics … and from just having a lot of male friends. There are four comics, which have been published various places.
FwB 01// FwB 02// FwB 03// FwB 04 //

Jenny Has Six Brothers

I was asked by the Halifax Chronicle Herald to do a 12 week comic strip for them, any topic. So I did one about a girl and her six brothers.
Comic 01// 02 // 03// 04// 05 // 06// 07 // 08// 09// 10 // 11// 12 //


LOGIC – 24 Hour Comic

Don’t know what a 24 Hour Comic is? Go here to find out. I did this story, about a thoughtful robot girl, in 2005. I still like it a lot. I think it’s a neat little story. Go here for the comic, and click on each page to get to the next page.


The Coast Christmas Comic 2008

My second invitation to be published in The Coast, as a part of their Holiday Fiction issue. This time I took Jenny from Jenny Has Six Brothers (see above), and made a heartwarming story about giving. I’m as shocked as you are.


The Adventures of Superhero Girl!

It started as a joke, and frankly, commentary on something I was annoyed about (but that’s a long story). Now Superhero Girl has her own on-going comic! It’s being published on a weekly basis in The Coast – a free Halifax based newspaper.


The Adventures of Superhero Girl Part 2!

I liked the idea of a girl superhero who didn’t do terribly much, so drew her as a part of my submission for Comic Festival! a Canadian anthology for 2009’s Free Comic Book Day. It was fun. I like her.



Guest Strip for Smile, by Raina Telgemeier

Raina asked for guest artists to fill in a hitaus gap for her excellect slice o’ life graphic novel, Smile. I was happy to oblige with this strange but true story …