Web Comics

SUPERHERO GIRL (updating, 2010-present):
Superhero Girl is a comic strip I’ve been drawing for a local free weekly (The Coast) this past year. It’s about the trials and tribulations of a girl superhero. (Link opens in new window)
ICE (updating, 2003-present):
in a future England where civilization has ground to a halt, Hunter and her boyfriend Cirr try to survive an endless winter and a brutal class-based conspiracy. WARNING: 14+ Readers Only
DEMONOLOGY 101 (complete 1999-2004):
or how I learned to draw. A giant sprawling 700+ page epic about Raven, a highschooler who happens to be a demon.
(Link opens in new window)
RANDOM COMICS (updated whenever):
Random little one-off comics about such diverse things as Resident Evil 4 and and my famous “Wolverine goes grocery shopping” comic.