So yes, I have a lovely new website design! Many thanks to my friend Lissa for letting me hire her awesome skillz. Now I have a website which is quite professional looking, and I am happy. So onward to the NEW STUFF!

First of all, Ice is updated! Yes, there are an incredible 6 new pages over in the Ice section of the site. A note:  Ice has been integrated into this website since I don’t feel it’s updated enough to warrant its own mini-site. But everything from the old mini-site is still there, so you’re not losing any content. Demonology 101 (which is in archive anyway) will stay a separate website. Oh, and in regards to D101, many people have emailed to tell me that episodes 2 & 3 have disappeared from the site. I will try and get that fixed when I can. But yes, I know there’s a problem.

Also, I’ve started putting a comic that I do for Halifax’s free weekly newspaper The Coast online, and you can find it here. It’s called The Adventures of Superhero Girl and is updating Tuesdays and Fridays. So bookmark that site and please leave some comments. 🙂

Otherwise, everything is kind of new. Feel free to browse around and see how everything looks, and as always, keep an eye on my blog for more regularly updated news and artwork.

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